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DVT was established in July 2006, is committed to information and electronic products and semiconductor systems integration and sales services, and in 2010 to expand research and development of networking products related to system planning services team so far.

Related products have been adopted by Taiwan and the China breeding customers with the three places of the IT industry hardware and software development technology and production capacity, the new industry of technology integration and planning, to create a combination of science and technology and human nature Life philosophy.


The Taiwan system integration team as the backbone of the China strategic partner hardware development and production as the core, to provide things related to the integration of electronic products and planning for business development.

We will develop a new generation of cost-effective real-time monitoring system and design for water quality, so that customers can keep abreast of the water quality of the plant or farm, and control the equipment in real time.


Smart Aquarium


Wireless AI Water Quality &

Intelligent Aquaculture Monitoring System


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