Intelligent Wireless Communication & Intelligent Monitoring and Controlling System

Provide various solutions, such as factory monitoring system, water tower monitoring, water quality inspection, electric gate inspection, etc

  • Wireless transmission No longer through wired transmission, convenient and safe
  • Exception warning Notice the occurrence of exception immediately to reduce the risk
  • Sensor equipment Can be connected to the existing sensor items for saving equipment costs
  • Intelligent remote control Remote control, or automatic control according to the value
  • Cloud platform Data digitizing for saving data no longer missing
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In the coming 5G IoT era, everything can be connected.

We can certainly increase product value and reliability for our customers.

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About DVT

Double Vision Technology

DVT, formerly known as Fuyan Technology, was established in July 2006. Our main areas of business are computer software, hardware technology and development and design. Double Vision Technology Co., Ltd. was set up by our industrial product division in 2019.

The company is devoted to industrial IoT (the Internet of Things) products and multi-faceted technology as our leading one-stop service. Our associated products have been well adopted by Taiwanese manufacturers and mainland Chinese customers. Our development and design is compatible with all software and hardware electronic circuits including cloud, App, firmware and mainboard. Using our cost-effective solution, customers reduce costs and labour. In our consolidated plan, we integrate products and IoT (the Internet of Things) to guide our customers towards new trends that combine technology with human expertise.

In addition to our own intelligent aquaculture/motor series package products, our project integrates customers' existing products and tailors for customers engaged with engineering companies and professional consulting companies to plan for the whole manufacturing automation or community intelligence.

Product and Technology

Intelligent Aquarium Upgrade Kit

Create a smart fish tank ecological maintenance system

Remote monitoring of your favorite fish tank

Product feature
  • Maintain a stable fish tank water temperature
  • Automatic water replenishment system
  • Instant alert system
Remote control
  • Water supply motor switch
  • Light switch
  • Ideal constant temperature
Monitoring data
  • Instant water temperature
  • Instant water level
  • Instant pH value

Intelligent Wireless Communication (4-20mA/RS-485 exclusive use)

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